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                                    Journal of Management

                                 Development and Research

                        ISSN : 2349-802                                                  March - 2020

              A Conceptual Research Paper on Impact of Union Budget 2020 On MSMEs
                    Piyush Nakrani and Hrishikesh Deshmukh

              The Study of Key Success Factors in New Product Development Process in
              Diamond Firms with Special Reference to Surat.
                     Dr. Rashvin Tailor

              A Study on Customer Satisfaction with Special Reference to ‘D-Mart’ and ‘Big-
              Bazaar’ Retail Outlets at Vapi City
                    Yash Shirish Shrotri

              A Study on Rural Entrepreneurship- Prospects and Challenges in India
                  Ritesh K Patel

              A Study on Motivation and Self Actualisation For Professionals In SMEs in The
              21  Century
                   Himali M. Natekar,     Dr. Susheel P Kandalgaonkar

              A Case Study on Brand Management

                   Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pandey

              A Study on Farmer’s Attitudes Towards Organic Farming
                  Dharmaraj J Solanki

              A Study on Upskilling in SMEs: Growth, Challenges and Way Forward
                  Priyanka Lenka

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