Workshop on Start up by Mayank Rajput (CEO, Robomaniax) (27thJuly, 2019)

The workshop on start-ups was held on 27th July of 2019 at IMDR by Mr. Mayank Rajput, the 28 year old CEO of Robomaniax Pvt. Ltd.It was organized and hosted by the Entrepreneurship& Innovation Cell (E & I Cell). The main aim of the workshop was to provide an intense interactive session for the students and the faculty of the Institute.

Dr. Abhijeet Shivane, Head of E& I Cell, introduced Mr.Mayank Rajput to the audience.He spoke about the prestigious background of the Institute and Deccan Education Society. He also briefed about the Employment market and the challenges occurring every year.

The Guest speaker, Mr. Mayank Rajput, spoke about his journey as an entrepreneur. He completed his graduation in Engineering from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He then started as an entrepreneur in 2013. It was back then when start up wasn’t appreciated much. While narrating his story, he spoke about the Government institutes which support the efforts of budding start-ups. Another thing which he spoke about was the “Connectivity” which is most essential for an entrepreneur.

Another aspect he spoke about entrepreneurship was that an Entrepreneur should be a great team builder. He was glad that times have now changed and Start up is now a topic in trend.But he also added that a purely trending start up can be the first one to fail. He also threw some light on the fact that we want to do everything in our life but we don’t have the requisite passion and the determination and the drive to do it. 'Josh Katham Nahi Hona Chahiye' was what he said.

He added that in this era of Start-ups,the first thing to be aware about is the resources available with us.He also mentioned that this awareness is more important than mereKnowledge.

He also said that an Entrepreneur should do everything as anEntrepreneur. He should create opportunities, start from scratch and most importantly, set a trend. An entrepreneur should have clarity about his ideas.

The address by Mr. Mayank Rajput was followed by a Q & A session where students asked their doubts and queries. Students asked questions regarding idea generation and as to how to apply for and acquire funds.He responded to the questions by saying that for every problem there is solution and that every solution is an idea. He added thatdon’t just think for a small unit, think globally.

The workshop ended on a note whereMr. Mayank said it is important to always be in action to stay motivated. The workshop was effective and had an impact on the audience.