BMCC Girls Hostel

15 seats are allotted to IMDR girl students. This facility is in BMCC Campus. 3 students are accommodated in one room. Each room has attached Toilet and Bathroom.

BMCC ladies Hostel fee Regular Student
Admission Fee 1500
Annual Fee 62500
Mediclaim Fee 1000
Hostel Deposit 5000
Mess Deposit 5000
Total Rs. 75000


IMDR Block in F.C. Hostel No 4

There are 17 rooms allotted to IMDR students. 2 students can be accommodated in one room. All the basic amenities electricity, table, chair and cot are available in the hostel room. This facility is located at Fergusson College Campus.

Fees per year

Online payment after confirmation of hostel accommodation: – Rs. 32550 (including deposit Rs. 4500) and Offline payment at IMDR Pune – Rs. 5000 – Only for PGDM I (First Year Students).

Total – Rs. 37550 /-


15 seats are allotted to IMDR students. This is a new hostel made available from the academic year 2018-19. It is in BMCC Campus. There are two types of room. 3 students would be accommodated in one room.

  • Exhaustive Room– with attached toilet, hanger facility for drying clothes
  • General Room- common toilet
A wing B Wing Deposits
Fee Exhaustive Room Fees General Room Fees
Admission 1500.00 1500.00 Hostel 5000.00
Hostel 68000.00 48000.00 Mess 5000.00
Medi-claim 1000.00 1000.00 Total-B Rs.10000.00
Total-A Rs.70500.00 Rs.50500.00 Total A+B Rs.80500.00