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International Tie-ups

International Tie-ups

ESSCA (Ecole Supereiur Des Sciences Commerciales D’Angers) also known as ESSCA Graduate School of Management is one of the top Management Institutes of France. It is known for its interest in developing management skills in people from countries worldwide. Located in central France it is ranked 5th. ESSCA has tie-ups with several business schools all over the world. These are ESSCA’s partnership institutes and students from these institutes are invited to attend either a semester program or a summer program.

Institute of Management Development and Research (IMDR), Pune is one among such institutes to have entered into this tie-up. Every year ESSCA endeavors to bring together management students of various countries to enable them to have a feel of International Business with all its diversities. The learning focuses on several areas.

To name a few

  • EU-its formation, its Institutions and Enlargement
  • EU as a common market-its impact on Global Trade
  • The Euro-its advent and implications
  • How companies lobby with EU officials to protect/promote their business interests.

The methodology of learning adopted by ESSCA provides a very good mix of Theory and Practice. It includes among others :

  • Intensive contact hours between students and professors
  • Field trips to leading companies in the region.
  • Meetings with EU officials to see the practicalities of the countries.
  • Studying marketing in the EU and understanding the EU market better.

IMDR and ESSCA (Ecole Superieure des Sciences Commerciales d’ Angers) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for exchange programmes between students of the two institutes. The MoU was renewed in 2007 for expanding the ties between the two institutes. It also includes faculty exchange programmes. Under the scheme full-time students of IMDR can complete one semester in English language at any of the four campuses of ESSCA (Angers, Cholet, Paris and Budapest-HUNGARY). No tuition fees are payable by these students. However students have to bear all expenses of travel, stay and coursework. IMDR extends similar facilities to students of ESSCA in India. Thirteen IMDR students and twelve ESSCA students have taken advantage of this scheme in the last 4 years.

ESSCA is situated in Western France. Founded in 1909, it is one of the well-known French Business Schools. It has 46 faculty and 310 guest lecturers. Every year 330 full time students are enrolled and 150 foreign students from partner institutes. Programmes are conducted in English and French.

The main campus of ESSCA is situated in Angers in Loire Valley in Western France. Other campuses are at Angers, Paris, Cholet and Budapest (Hungary).

Under the exchange programme, students of IMDR can complete one semester at ESSCA and get the credit for completing the course at IMDR, without paying tuition fees to ESSCA. All other expenses have to be borne by the students. For the semester, they would have to fulfill all requirements as applicable to students of ESSCA at any one of the four campuses.

Ten students from IMDR had gone to France in 2007 through this exchange programme. This year, ten more students are expected to go, and seven student from ESSCA are expected to join the three full-time programmes at IMDR.

All first as well as second year students of PGDM are eligible to avail of the exchange programme, provided they


  • Have completed all the courses till the date of application, at first attempt
  • Have their passport ready
  • Give proof of financial support
  • Have displayed sufficiently a disposition towards a mature and responsible conduct.
  • Can represent India’s progress in different fields

Knowledge of the French language is desirable, but not essential.

Exchange students have a wide choice of courses at the Angers and Budapest campuses of ESSCA, both in the Fall and Spring semesters and two Summer programmes. Those wishing to study in French should come to Angers, those wishing to study in English have the choice and can, if they wish, opt to study for one semester at each.

The choice is the following


  • Programme Essca in French (Fall/Spring semesters)
  • Master Essca in English (Fall semester)
  • Angers European Business Semester in English (AEBS, Spring semester)

The Angers European Business Semester is a part of ESSCA’s international exchange programme for foreign students. It focuses on different aspects of the European business environment, as well as modern history and contemporary social, economic, and political issues. It is a unique opportunity for students who want to examine European affairs first-hand and to understand what the European Union is all about. Courses are taught entirely in English except for optional French language instruction.

Angers Summer Programme in English (ASP, mid-June to mid-July)

The 5-week Angers Summer Programme is open to all ESSCA’s exchange partners. It begins with three weeks in the beautiful Loire valley city of Angers, then moves to Brussels for several days, with the final week in Paris. It is a perfect opportunity to be part of a multi- cultural student group and learn about Europe.


  • Fall semester: Specialisations in Marketing and in Finance and a wide choice of electives
  • Spring semester: Courses focusing on Central and Eastern European
  • Budapest Summer programme (BSP, mid-June to mid-July)


  • The European Union – Macro economic environment
  • European Management issues + Market in Europe
  • European Cultural Studies