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Report Sagar Kulkarni

Report on Webinar held at 5:30 pm on August 08, 2020.


The COVID 19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to every country in the world, since all the countries are facing similar challenges, therefore knowledge sharing on the approaches and measures in dealing with covid-19 pandemic among the countries and stakeholders is critical for their effective response and swift recovery from the crisis. IMDR has started a new series of meet-up for our students, wherein, resource persons who are witnessing such economic upheavals in different parts of the country will join us to share how business and economies are preparing to unlock and overcome the challenges in from of them.

Under this initiative IMDR Pune invited Mr. Sachin Kulkarni form Canada on Saturday, 05th September 2020, Director, Internal Controls, Comptroller Directorate, Chief Financial Officer Branch, Shared Services Canada and Adjunct Professor at Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, Canada.

He is alumnus from DBM and MDBA Batch of 1989. The webinar was conducted for the students of PGDM-II. He discussed about his significant learning from his alma-mater IMDR Pune.

He extensively shared his insights on Canadian economy, its uniqueness and the present economic scenario with the help of some vital macroeconomic parameters. He discussed about the impact of pandemic on the different sectors in Canada and also about the measures taken by the Federal government to cope up with the situation. He specifically spoke about Canada took swift actions and how the transition happened effectively.

He also educated the students about the aids given for student and unemployed by Government of Canada. Subsidies for small business owners are also been given. Options for attending classes virtually were arranged for students in order to combat the pandemic.

He spoke about effects of recession on stock markets and indirectly on the economy. He pointed out that Canada is rich in Minerals and metals. He also told us that infrastructure supports various industries.

Students also understood that curiosity is a way to gain knowledge. He spoke about the various opportunities available in Canada in the field of education and learning.

He shared his journey in Canada from a career seeker to a professor. Few tips he gave our students were:

- He shared his journey in Canada from a career seeker to a professor. Few tips he gave our students were:

- Stress management- Yoga, Meditation, Walk and be aware of your surroundings, work with people who have positive, maintaining a journal.

-Read more

- Watch Motivational videos

He gave few tips regarding personality management such as good education, public speaking ,leadership qualities, alertness, confident, network, good health, good human values,listen more and talk less. He laid emphasis on having prioritisation of tasks, good communicator- precise, Have follow ups, learning languages.

He recommended books and certification that will strength the value of the resume such as:

- Six Sigma certification

- 7 habits of highly effective people

- The monk who sold his Ferrari

- Who stole my cheese?

The major take away from this discussion is success is a failure in progress and someone who has never failed cannot be truly successful. He has made India proud by reaching to the authoritative position in The Government of Canada. His career journey is truly inspiring and admirable. All the participants took some invaluable takeaways from this wonderful discussion.