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Yaarathon – Mental health and depression awareness workshop.

Students today are under tremendous pressure from family, friends, teachers or simply the environment around. It becomes very difficult to manage a balance between these pressures. Yaarathon is a group that works on creating awareness on mental health issues.

Saturday morning ,27/07/19, at IMDR started with music and songs from the musicians of Yaarathon. Music was a great way to refresh and get the groove on. After a few songs the first year PGDM students shifted to an activity of doing Vrukshasan, which was an eye opener to how soon we give up on little things. The anchor,Abhishek then talked to the students about the suicide rates growing and suicide being the biggest cause of death in today’s world. He said, “Signs of depression are visible from very early phases andwe as friends can identify them and lend a helping hand. For most of us our self-image depends on our acceptance and it largely affects our confidence. So, it’s up to us to accept, love ourselves and spread confidence and love”

The workshop ended on the note , 'Though this world is selfish, there is still love and love will give us hope. Let’s make our life worth living, for dying is not an option.’