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Deccan Education Society

             The  Deccan  Education  Society  (DES)  was
             established in 1884, registered on 13 August 1885
             by  the  ve  towering  personalities  of  the  Indian
             freedom struggle, Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak,
             Gopal  Ganesh  Agarkar,  Vishnu  Shastri
             Chiplunkar,  Mahadeo  Ballal  Namjoshi,  and
             Vamanrao Apte & was ably supported by Rajashri
             Shahu  Maharaj  of  Kolhapur.  In  the  pre-
             independence era these visionaries realised that the
             education which prevailed in India under the rule of
             the Britishers was to create products only to serve
             the Britishers. The system did not teach the people
             to  question,  criticise,  create,  and  reect  their
             thoughts. It was simply a system that perpetrated
             the slave mentality. Hence the common mission for
             establishing DES was to reverse the then existing
             scenario and give rise to a progressive mindset.
             In  the  view  of  the  founders,  ‘Education  was  the
             means  of  rousing  the  intellect,  the  drooping  will,
             and  the  slumbering  conscience  of  their  fallen
             countrymen’.  At  a  time  when  the  concept  of
             democratic  practice  was  just  being  conceived  in
             India, DES decided to adopt a democratic structure
             for its own governance. Thus, it became a model for
             teacher-managed  institutes  in  Maharashtra  and
             symbolized  the  ‘People’s  Own  Initiative’  in
             evolving  education  as  a  means  of  national
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