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to  evaluate  optimum  utilization  of  the  available
             resources  and  entrepreneurial  decision-making
             underlying  resource  allocation.  Covering  a  wide
             spectrum of MSMEs from education, nance, real
             estate,  retail  business,  software  development,
             hospitality,  travel  and  tourism,  entertainment,
             sports and tness, a comprehensive perspective of
             nancial  management  techniques  and  processes
             are presented in the study outcomes.

             This  book  provides  meaningful  insights  into  the
             world  of  MSMEs,  their  nancial  dilemmas,
             constraints  and  the  trade-offs.  Analysis  of  the
             primary  data  provides  triggers  to  interpretative
             discussion  on  the  challenges  faced  and  their
             enduring solutions. It serves as a valuable primer
             for educators and aspiring entrepreneurs, focusing
             on  the  practical  side  of  running  business
             I am happy to write this foreword and commend the
             efforts  put  in  by  the  team  in  creating  this
             compendium.I believe MSME entrepreneurs would
             nd this exercise relevant

                                            Mahesh Anant Athavale
                                          Vice Chairman, DES Governing Body
                                              The Chairman LMC IMDR, Pune
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