Page 6 - IMDR MSME BOOK 2021
P. 6


             The  Micro,  Small  and  Medium  Enterprises  (MSME)
             sector  has  been  identied  as  the  growth  propeller  in
             India  and  contributes  signicantly  to  employment
             generation,  scaling  up  of  manufacturing  abilities,
             balanced  regional  development  and  socio-economic
             empowerment.  It  is  the  next  major  employer  after
             agriculture  in  the  country.  Therefore,  it  becomes
             imperative to study the nancial management practices
             of  MSMEs  to  understand  the  reason  behind  their
             nancial difculties.  In this book an attempt has been
             made  to  study  the  selected  nancial  variable  to
             understand the effectiveness of the nancial manage-
             ment of the MSMEs in Pune City and Pimpri-Chinchwad
             Area. An attempt has been made to throw a light on the
             extent of application of various nancial management
             tools in nancial decision making by selected MSMEs,
             which has further paved a way to identify the challenges
             faced by MSME in managing nance for their enterprise.
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