Page 49 - Swatantrata to Atmanirbharta : Lokmanya Tilak’s legacy
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proceeded to his native province of U.P. and   purchased a sick
            glass factory at Ambala which was run by traditional methods
            depending  on  human  labour  and not  machines.  Varshneya
            installed the latest machinery and activated it. He also started
            another Greenfield Project in the small-time town of Bahjoi in
            U.P. and named it as the ‘United Provinces Glass Works’. In
            1918 his eldest son Bishambar went to Sheffield in U. K .and
            joined his father. He made a wider diversification of products
            like tumblers, plates, jars, tea sets, cutlery, dinner sets, flower
            vases etc. Another son Harishchandra started ‘Seraikalla Glass
            Works’  in  Jharkhand.  His  grandson  Premchand trained  in
            Ohio University and started the first Borosilicate Glass plant
            for pharmaceutical operations in 1951.
                Thus, Lokmanya brought in Swadeshi industries not only in
            Maharashtra but also in North India, Central UP, Jharkhand
            etc.  Thus  the  ‘Paisa  Fund  Glass  Factory’  became  mother  of
            glass industry in India.

               Ogales of famous ‘Prabhakar Lantern’

                Shripad Ogale, son of a schoolteacher Prabhakar Pant was the
            promoter and founder of Ogale wadi industries which started in
            1916. His elder brother Gurunath used to make ‘Magic Lantern’
            (early version of the cinema) and scientific instruments. He was
            an engineering graduate from VJTI, Mumbai.  He  joined  his
            brother Shripad in Ogalewadi as an engineer. Mr. P.G Meade,
            Director  of Industrial  Department  of  Bombay  Government,
            visited Ogale glassworks and was very much impressed by the
            engineering  talent  of Gurunath  and offered  him an annual
            scholarship  of 200  Pounds.  Gurunath  went  to  Sheffield  and
            then Pittsburg University, U.S. He got advanced training in glass
            industry and got practical experience by working in ‘Paisa fund
            glass factory’. There he got a like-minded friend in Shri P.G.
            Kale who was an employee right from its inception. He retired
            to Ogalewadi and made a diversification of production. He got
            a land on lease from Shrimant Bhavanrao Pant Pratinidhi of
            Aundh state who was a follower of Tilak. Shripad had seven
            brothers  who became active partners  in  his  enterprise  and
            Ogalewadi industrial complex grew by leaps and bounds!

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