Page 45 - Swatantrata to Atmanirbharta : Lokmanya Tilak’s legacy
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tiLak aS viSionary

                       and founder

                  of induStrieS in


                               Dr. Kamlakar Parchure

               Tilak  is  known  and recognised  as the  ‘Father  of Indian
            Unrest’  (Valentine/Chirol Judgment). Mahatma Gandhi
            called him ‘Maker of Modern India’. He was an active leader
            of Indian National Congress from 1890 to his death in August
            1920; the pioneer and architect of Nationalist Education i.e.,
            education should be done by India’s own missionary teachers,
            who  are expected to provide education  for inculcating  the
            patriotic spirit, self-assertion and pride, respect for own religion,
            culture, customs, and traditions. In short, it must be free from
            the shackles of inferiority complex, deliberately engineered by
            the British missionary teachers.

               Tilak gave the mantra of ‘Swaraj’ (self-rule), Swadeshi
            (patronage to our own Indian producers, manufacturers, and
            artisans),  ‘Rashtriya Shikshan’ and Boycott (bahishkar)  on
            foreign goods and services. Tilak by giving his own defence in
            the sedition cases of the British Raj Court, stated “Swaraj is my
            birthright, and I shall have it!”. There is no need for begging or
            appealing. It happens to be a natural right of every citizen of
            India to command political freedom.
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