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were witnessed in Kolkata and the delegates dispersed to spread
            the movement to different parts of the province.
               Lokmanya Tilak  on Shishir  Kumar Ghosh, Founder of
            Amrut Bazar Patrika –

               Lokmanya Tilak had delivered a speech in the memory of
            Shishir Kumar Ghosh on Jan 3, 1918. In his speech he mentioned
            (Ref 2) “ I may further tell you that when we started our paper
            in vernacular, we tried to follow the editor of the ‘A. B. Patrika.’
            This was the time when one had to teach the people how to
            criticize the bureaucracy and at the same time keep oneself safe,
            bodily at least if not pecuniary. That was the idea developed
            by  Shishir  Kumar in  those  days  of  journalism.  Bureaucracy
            is always anxious to conciliate it’s critics not by mending it’s
            way but by offering bribes to them and the dignity of Shishir
            Kumar lay not so much in his writings as in the courage which
            he showed at a critical time, when favours were offered to him
            and he rejected them with contempt. Such a man he was.”

               It means that Lokmanya Tilak got inspiration from the work
            done by Babu Shishir Kumar Ghosh as an Editor of the news
            paper ‘Amrita Bazar Patrika.’ He followed Shishir Babu when
            he used to criticize the British govt in his news papers ‘Kesari’
            in marathi and ‘Marhatta’ in English.
               Lokmanya Tilak  also mentioned  ‘I revered him (Shishir
            Kumar)  as my father and I venture  again to say that he, in
            return, loved me as his son.’

               Similarly, Lokmanya Tilak called Shishir Kumar Ghosh as
            ‘True Political Saint’.

               Lokmanya Tilak’s 3rd imprisonment and Bengal
               In 1908, two Bengali youths, Prafulla Chaki and Khudiram
            Bose,  bombed  a carriage  at  Muzzafarpur,  to  kill  the  Chief
            Presidency Magistrate Douglas Kingsford  of Calcutta.
            Lokmanya Tilak, defended the revolutionaries and called for
            immediate Swaraj or self-rule  in  Daily  ‘Kesari’.  Tilak  was
            arrested  for  sedition  and Justice  Davar sentenced him  a six
            years jail which he served in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma) with
            a fine of Rs.1,000 (US$14).

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