Page 46 - Swatantrata to Atmanirbharta : Lokmanya Tilak’s legacy
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The facet of his emphasis on development of industries
            was influenced by the thoughts of Frederich List, the German
            economist who advocated ‘Nationalist Economics’ instead of
            global economic science. Before Tilak,  Justice  M.G. Ranade
            and Dadabhai Nowroji also had vigorously propounded after
            deep research and study of Indian economics as a special branch
            of Economic Science.  Dadabhai’s  treatise  viz.  ‘Gold Drain
            from India’ to the tune of INR. 51.5 crores by 1905, made a
            very powerful impact on Indian scholars, economists, political
            scientists, and political activists, by realising how the imperial
            power of Britain,  exploited,  and looted  rich  and prosperous
            India, that became impoverished in the 19th Century itself!
               In  my  article,  I am going  to  bring  out  facts  which  prove
            that  Tilak’s thoughts  of Swadeshi,  greatly influenced the
            young entrepreneurs to launch their industries and businesses,
            following his mantra. Tilak not only preached the philosophy
            of swadeshi, but  he participated  in ventures  of his  followers
            by his lead and concrete support, raising finance and required
            resources  for  the  successful  implementation.  This article  will
            be helpful  for students  and researchers of economics and
            management to know his efforts to encourage Indian industrial
            enterprises which came into existence during 1900 to 1940, and
            subsequently highlights the distinguished contribution of Tilak,
            in the field of industry in India.

               Lokmanya was the first and last leader of pan-India following
            along with  Bipin  Chandra Pal, Lala Lajpat Rai, Aurobindo
            Ghosh, Chidambaram Pillai, Annie Beasant, Mohammed Ali
            Jinnah,  Jamnadas Mehta, Kanhaiyalal Munshi,  Pt.  Madan
            Mohan  Malviya,  Adv  Dajisaheb  Khare,  Adv.  Babasaheb
            Khaparde, Tej Bahadur Sapru etc. who were leaders in other
            Indian States, across the borders of Maharashtra. Tilak had a
            unique  knack  of  making  intimate  friends  and  followers  who
            were stalwarts in their  fields. He used to become friend  and
            philosopher  to  them,  therefore  until  his  death  nobody  could
            attain this stature and exalted position in the pre 1920s Indian
            leadership. I was brought up in a family that revered Lokmanya
            as demi – God! My father who was a liberal social reformer,
            had  great  regard for  Justice  M.G.  Ranade for  his  balanced,

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