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Koyana Dam was the brainchild of Ogale brothers. Shripad
            became President of Maratha Chamber. Shripad was a strong
            patriot and hosted underground workers of ‘Patri Sarkar’, like
            Y.B. Chavan Nana Patil, Kissan Veer etc. They were in safe and
            secret custody of Ogales. Therefore, after the death of Mahatma
            Gandhi, when enraged non-Brahmin masses had started riots
            arsons  and fires  during  1948,  both  Satara Congress  leaders
            and non-Brahmin workers of the factory defended by strongly
            standing against the attackers.

               This  group  is  among the top  20  industrial  houses  of the
            country. It exports its products to more than 80 countries. It
            was started in 1888   when Tilak was the exalted leader and
            visionary thinker  of Maharashtra, who  inspired  hundreds  of
            entrepreneurs. Laxamanrao the founder used to run a bicycle
            shop. He had native engineering aptitude and skills, who along
            with his elder brother Ram jointly approached Balasaheb Pant
            Raja of Aundh who offered them a vast piece of land on lease in
            his in the vicinity of Karad. Laxanrao had made a well thought
            out plan of producing Nangars (Steel Ploughs). India had more
            than 70 %people depending on farming during 1888, Therefore,
            obviously there was a potential to ignite demand and market
            the  product.  ‘Kirloskar  Nangar’ became as popular and well
            known as ‘Prabhakar Kandil’.
               His son Shantanu who was a MIT graduate in engineering
            joined Kirloskar and operations shifted to Khadki Pune in 1950.
            He started manufacturing diesel engines which are used to lift
            water from the source to the crop fields. Here too, the market
            potential was infinite. Kirloskar diesel reached almost 80% of
            rural households and brought a great fortune to the industrial
            house.  From 1950 to 1991 the company had grown at a rate of
                In 1985-86 Fergusson College celebrated its centenary. Along
            with Principal Bal Gadgil, I approached Shantanurao for the
            ‘Donation  Drive’.  He  not  only  gave  a sumptuous  donation
            but  also talked to his  colleagues from Pune based industries
            who also gave us good amounts of donations for honoring the

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