Page 41 - Swatantrata to Atmanirbharta : Lokmanya Tilak’s legacy
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Lokmanya tiLak’S

                  bengaL connect

                                Dr. Abhijeet Shivane
                             Shri. Diganta Chakraborty

               Bal Gangadhar Tilak  was  one  of  the  first  major  Leaders
            of  the  Indian  Independence  movement.  With  ‘Swadeshi’  or
            Nationalism as its goal, the movement began from the province
            of Bengal and since then Tilak’s connection with Bengal gained
            prominence.  With  Bengali  associates  like  Bipin  Chandra  Pal
            and Aurobindo Ghosh, he vehemently opposed the British rule
            in India.

               Lord Curzon announced the division of province of Bengal
            on July 20, 1905. As per the scheme, ‘Bengal’ province included
            western  districts  of Bengal proper,  Bihar  and Odisha  with
            Calcutta as  its  Capital.  Eastern  Bengal and  Assam province
            included eastern districts of Bengal proper and Assam, with
            Dacca as its Capital. The Partition of Bengal instantly triggered
            the nationalist leaders. The ‘Swadeshi Movement’ was officially
            proclaimed on  August  7,  1905  at  the  Calcutta Town  Hall  in
            Bengal. Bal Gangadhar Tilak led the movement and encouraged
            the boycott of British goods. The unity among the radical leaders,
            served as an inspiration for the commoners and it succeeded to
            a large extent in fanning the flame of Nationalism within the
            countrymen. There was a mighty upsurge which brought the
            people and political leaders together. Massive demonstrations

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