Page 43 - Swatantrata to Atmanirbharta : Lokmanya Tilak’s legacy
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When the above judgment came Ghosh brothers raised funds
            in  Calcutta  for  his  defense.  They  also published  a scratchy
            editorial against the judge who sentenced Tilak to 6 years of

               This  shows a very close connect of Lokmanya Tilak with
            People of Bengal.
               Satyendranath Tagore & Tilak

               “Satyendranath Tagore, brother of Rabindranath Tagore had
            translated Tilak’s Geetarahasya into Bengali. He was the first
            Indian to Join ICS.

               Babu Aurobindo Ghosh on Lokmanya Tilak
               In the book ‘Bal Gangadhar Tilak- His teachings and Writings,
            3rd Edition July 1922’ Babu Aurobindo Ghosh has written a
            25-page appreciation note. A couple of quotes from the praise
            written by Shri. Aurobindo are given below.
               1.   “That indomitable will  and that  unwavering devotion
            have been the whole meaning of Mr. Tilak’s life ; they are the
            reasons of his immense hold on the people. For he does not owe
            his preeminent position to any of the causes which have usually
            made for  political  leading in  India,  wealth  and great social
            position, professional success, recognition by the Government,
            a power of fervid oratory or of fluent and taking speech; for
            he had none of these things to help him. He owes it to himself
            alone and to the things his life has meant and because he has
            meant it with his whole mind and his whole soul. He has kept
            back nothing for himself or for others aims, but has given all
            himself to his country.”

               2.  About Geeta Rahasya
               ‘His  work on Gita  no mere commentary, but  an original
            criticism and presentation of the ethical truth, is a monumental
            work , the first prose writing of the front rank in weight and
            importance in  the  Marathi  language ,  and likely  to  become

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